Marvin Alinaitwe

Marvin Alinaitwe: Cyber Threats and Data Privacy

About Marvin Alinaitwe
A proud son of the Pearl of Africa and charismatic leader, Marvin Alinaitwe is an exuberant WordPress developer. Together with his long time business partner Mr. Shafiq Lutaaya, he co-founded the PoTUS Times website ( which covers the President of the United States and Capitol Hill. Marvin pursed a Bachelor’s degree in Information Science of Makerere University and is due for graduation in January 2019. Back in 2016 while he was the Speaker of the College of Computing and Information Sciences at Makerere University, He bore the idea of The Future is Now a student-based Organization/Movement which helped create a platform for all young people especially the girl-child who had dream of becoming tech-entrepreneurs easily transform their dreams into reality through providing them with information and a platform relevant to releasing their dreams. Marvin is currently the CEO of Save Mother Nature a non-profit organization that champions environmental conservation and protection through advocating for the use of clean and renewable energy Marvin within his circles of friends and partners has been lucky to be among the few who have earned a living building WordPress websites for companies, individuals and organizations among others. He greatly appreciates the contribution of WordPress which has been and still is a concrete foundation for the success of millions of developers all over the world. He is a strong advocate for the right to Free and uncensored Information access, freedoms of free speech and expression and Intellectual Property Rights. Over the years, he has developed ardent interest in Data and Information Security, Women Rights and Freedoms of Marginalized persons in society. Marvin is an outgoing person who when not busy with work spends time engaging his peers on issues of personal and national development, doing charity, sports and adventure with family.